The Medicare Provider Enrollment, Chain, and Ownership System (PECOS) is an online provider and

supplier enrollment system used to:

  • Submit Medicare enrollment applications
  • View and print enrollment information
  • Update enrollment information
  • Complete the enrollment revalidation process
  • Withdraw voluntarily from the Medicare Program
  • Track Medicare enrollment applications 

PECOS is a scenario-driven application which presents a series of questions to recover only the information needed to process your specific enrollment scenario. At the end of the data entry process, PECOS will confirm the following: 

  • All the necessary data for the application is entered
  • Shows a list of documents required to submit for review
  • Presents the option to electronically sign and certify
  • Shows your Medicare Administrative Contractor’s (MAC) name and mailing address
  • Allows you print a copy of your enrollment application for your records
  • Sends the application electronically to the MAC

Emails you to confirm successful enrollment application transfer to the MAC



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