Provider Enrollment Service

                     Our Provider Enrollment services enable practices to enroll for the services they provide by ensuring that health insurance payers have the data they need to process the claims for the services provided. We constantly monitor the payers to ensure applications are received and processed on time. We work diligently to identify and resolve potential administrative issues before they impact your provider reimbursements.

Medicare Enrollment

Claims Enrollment – Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

                          EDI enrollment is required to submit patient claims electronically to payers through a clearinghouse. Our provider enrollment specialists collect the EDI data such as submitter ID, submitter name, etc, and instruction manual specific to the insurance payers requirements from the practice specific clearinghouse. Our enrollment team prepares the documents and completes the EDI enrollments. EDI enrollments are completed in 2-3 business days.

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA/835)

                 Enrolling the healthcare provider for ERA transactions is cumbersome because there are several moving targets involved such as clearinghouse, insurance companies, third-party vendors such as CAQH EnrollHub, Instamed, Payspan, Zelis, PNC, ECHO, etc. Our provider enrollment specialists will enroll the healthcare providers in the clearinghouse, insurance, and third-party vendors for ERA transactions which will help the practice by receiving payments faster. We make sure the paper EOBs are stopped within 30 days from the ERA enrollment date which helps the practice to reduce 99% of paper EOBs.

Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)

                  Receiving payments in paper checks is medieval. It is time-consuming and creates unnecessary complications to the practice. Our provider enrollment specialists make sure all insurances deposit the money directly in the practice’s bank account. Here is the process to implement EFT.

  1. Registering with Insurance companies and third-party vendors such as Instamed, CAQH Enroll Hub, Payspan, Zelis, PNC, Echo Health for direct deposit
  2. Verify bank documents and upload them to the right vendors.
  3. Verify the practice information and initiate a test deposit from the payer
  4. The initiated test deposit amount is confirmed with the payer to receive further deposits
  5. Provider enrollment specialists will complete the entire EFT setup and change requests for all insurance companies as a package at no other additional cost.

Medical Credentialing Service

Apple Billing and Credentialing provides comprehensive medical credentialing for all healthcare providers

Medical Billing Service

Apple Billing and Credentialing provides comprehensive medical billing for all healthcare providers