Timely Filing Limit

The time frame for a claim submitted to the insurance is referred as a timely filing limit. It is set by the insurance company to submit the initial claim for the service rendered. If a claim submitted after the time frame from the service date, the claim will be denied as timely filing limit expired. 

To avoid the denial, charges must be created within 24 hours from the service date and has to be sent out to the payer on the same day. For example, if an insurance claim filing time frame is 90 days from the service date, the patient was treated on Jan 1st, then the provider has to file the claim before the end of March.  Denial code for timely filing limit expired is CO29 (The time limit for filing has expired).

Timely filing limits for all major insurance 2020


Time frame

Aetna 120 days
Amerigroup 90 Days for Participating Providers or 1 year for Non Participating Providers
Bankers life 15 months
BCBS 3/6 months based on provider contract
Cigna 90 days
Cigna Healthspring 120 days
Coventry 180 days
Humana Commercial 180 days
Humana Medicare Advantage 1 Year
Kaiser Permanante 90 days
Magnacare 6 months
Medicaid 6 months
Medicare 1 Year
Medicare Rail Road 1 Year
Tricare 1 Year
United American Ins 1 Year
United Health Care 90 days
VA 90 days
WellCare 180 days
Timely filing limit