Patient statements

  • Most of the patient balance past due need a simple reminder to collect the balance.
  • Almost 56% of patients delay paying their Medical Bills. ABCLLC calls each patient to remind about the balance and collect it
  • The more communication with the patients, the more collection
  • ABCLLC finds the correct address for all patient statements which are “return to sender” and resent the statement   
  • ABCLLC check retroactive insurance every month for uninsured/self-pay patients to check if the patient got Medicaid or any other insurances to cover the service
  • ABCLLC send patient statements immediately after posting insurance payments and handles inbound patient calls clarifying billing questions
  • ABCLLC engages patients in digital channels by sending eBills which helps the practice to receive the payments much faster.
  • ABCLLC accepts payments from patients by web, phone, paper checks, etc

Patient statement comparison with others

Patient Statement ABC LLC Others

Patient-friendly payment solutions

May be

Online Integrated credit and debit card payments option for patients to pay

Outbound call reminders to patients with high balance

Collection process is established with the practice

Immediate patient statement submission after insurance payment

Correct addresses are found for not delivered statements and return
to sender patient statements

May be

Training the front office to collect the patient balance
at the time of service

Handling inbound and outbound patient calls regarding
statement questions

Applying the unposted patient payments before sending statements

May be

Housekeeping - Locking the fully paid/done claims

Uninsured checking for one year from the DOS

Tracking the status of the accounts submitted to collections

Weekly PT AR report