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Credentialing Pricing

  1. New NPI application for individual provider
  2. New NPI application for the group organization
  3. Other NPI registry data updates
  1. Creation of new CAQH profile with all personal and professional data 
  2. Monitoring and updating the Medical license, DEA and malpractice insurance etc.
  3. Collection of other supporting documents and update
  4. New practice/group info update with CAQH
  1. CMS 855I application for individual providers
  2. CMS 855R application for reassignment of benefits
  3. CMS  855B application for clinic and group practices
  4. Authorized Official request submission for group practices and facilities
  5. Medicare EFT bank account updates
  6. Calling CMS EUS Help Desk and application follow up
  7. CMS I&A account creation and password reset
  1. State Medicaid credentialing application
  2. Credentialing file updates and re-credentialing
  1. State Medicaid CMO plans credentialing
  2. Application follow up and resubmission
  1. Initial credentialing application comprehensive services
  2. Request applications for each health plan
  3. Pre-populate application
  4. Follow up with the applications
  1. Making changes to the provider file
  2. Making changes to the clinic or group practice profile
  3. Updating billing and payment address 
  4. Additional service location enrollment
  5. Network termination
  1. Calling health plans to check for direct deposit option
  2. Initiating test deposit verification process to confirm bank account
  3. Terminating paper check and enrolling in EFT
  4. EFT bank account updates
  1. Initial hospital credentialing application comprehensive services
  2. New application request and follow up
  3. Hospital re-credentialing application
  1. Medicare re-credentialing and other enrollment records update whenever needed
  2. Medicaid re-credentialing and other updates
  3. Medicaid CMO re-credentialing
  4. CAQH update and re-attestation for every 90 days
  5. Monitoring CAQH for expirable documents like Medical license, DEA and malpractice insurance and update whenever needed
  6. CAQH re-attestation depending on payer’s request.
  7. Commercial payers re-credentialing 
  8. Acting on the documents received from the payers regarding any re-credentialing and other requirements whenever needed
  9. Additional service location address update
  10. Change of service location address
  11. Billing and mailing address update
  12. Phone and fax numbers update for both billing and practice
  13. Provider termination from the clinic/group practice
  14. Provider demographic data attestation with Availity, UHC Optum, Humana and other payers for every 3 months
  15. Calling and re-follow up with the payers to get the update on the submitted applications until complete
  16. Hospital reappointment application submission and followup.

*Discount available depending upon the no of applications and no of providers

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